berlin play connection was founded to satisfy the demands from the market — developing classic shaped rope play structures with a center post and combining these puristic devices with the newest technical possibilities.

All structures feature the cloverleaf ring within the spatial net. This well proven connection is implemented into the nets with a new patent pending device. Cloverleaf rings don’t build entanglements and can be dismantled without a hydraulic machine. Thus single rope sections can be replaced in the field.


Other end-crossing points have been executed by using the new developed T-Connector, which can only be released by experts due to the tamper proof bolts.


In addition, all structures use a capsulated tensioning system within the foundation tubes to be protected from moisture and dirt, simplifying the retensioning and maintenance regardless the surfacing material.

Seilfarben (schwarz, rot, blau)

Ropes of the sc-Line are Black, Red or Blue. The centerposts of the SC-Line are hot-dipped galvanised. A powdercoated finish and other rope colors are available on request.